Villa Saboia

Client: Villa Saboia Villa Saboia is a prestigious restaurant on Estoril’s oldest avenue which, as well as serving delicious meals, places its customers in a refined, family atmosphere. 01/ Challenge: Website Redesign Taking advantage of the structure of the Villa Saboia website, we were asked by the client to redesign the website to reflect the […]


Client: Be Ideas Be Ideas is a communications agency with 10 years’ experience in press relations, digital and content creation. He entrusted us with his old website and set us a new challenge. 01/ Challenge: Website Website Due to the constant need to be up-to-date and in celebration mode of its 10th anniversary, Be Ideas […]

Successful Websites: The Transformative Role of Online Design

A website is the online gateway for any company. It is essential that your website design is attractive, functional and capable of engaging those who visit it. In this search for digital excellence, an agency specializing in web design comes into play, such as PELICAN BAY, which plays a crucial role in creating websites capable […]

Rebranding: Renewing the Visual Identity of a Company or Brand

Rebranding is a marketing strategy that aims to revitalize and renew a brand’s image. It is often used by companies to reposition themselves in the market, seeking to adapt to changes and preferences that occur over time. They also seek to stand out from the competition. Through rebranding, it is possible to find different ways […]

Why you should invest in Google Ads

1. Introduction – what is Google Ads In an increasingly digital world with increasingly relentless competition, it is crucial to invest in effective advertising strategies.In this sense, online is indispensable, and Google Ads appears as a necessary solution for success.Google Ads is an online advertising platform from Google, which allows you to create paid advertisements, […]