Rebranding: Renewing the Visual Identity of a Company or Brand


Rebranding is a marketing strategy that aims to revitalize and renew a brand’s image. It is often used by companies to reposition themselves in the market, seeking to adapt to changes and preferences that occur over time. They also seek to stand out from the competition.

Through rebranding, it is possible to find different ways to update your visual identity, such as redesigning your logo, reformulating the message that the company intends to convey, often redefining concepts and/or values ​​to also correspond to current needs and trends. of consumers.

However, rebranding must be carefully thought out and designed in such a way that its execution complements, and does not alter, the essence of the brand, thus allowing better recognition by existing consumers. This process requires organization and meticulous research into the market you want to reach, with the collaboration of various professionals from the area of ​​Marketing to Design.

In short, this action is an added value to boost the growth and success of a brand, rejuvenating it and adapting it to market needs. When carried out strategically, rebranding can attract new customers, awaken different consumer interests and ensure a strong and competitive positioning in the market.

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