Client: Marinha Prime

Marinha Prime is a luxury development in one of the most prestigious and exclusive areas of the Lisbon region, located on the edge of the Costa do Sol. Surrounded by beaches and golf courses, it's the perfect place to escape the stress of everyday life and get in tune with nature, with a private and elegant atmosphere where sophistication and tranquillity merge with an exclusive view.


Challenge: Social Media

The initial challenge of this project was to manage Marinha Prime's digital presence on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, ensuring the creation of a visual line that was coherent with the brand's values, as well as creating a dynamic of bilingual publications that would publicise the development and its surroundings. Grow the number of followers and interactions organically at first and then move on to performance ads.


Actions taken



The result of a partnership that started from scratch, since the brand still had no presence on social media, the work has been one of constant evolution and growth, supported not only by a previously defined and planned strategy with the client, but also by constant optimisation and regular analysis of KPIs with the aim of ensuring, on the one hand, the growth of brand awareness, and even the growth of the enterprise's own number of followers and clients.

Marinha Prime Social Media