Client: Dr. Rúben Malcata Nogueira

Dr. Rúben Malcata Nogueira is a plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. When it entered the highly competitive plastic surgery market, it recognized the importance of developing a strong and distinctive brand to stand out from its competitors.


Challenge: Creating a logo for the brand

The company faced several challenges when starting its branding project, the most prominent of which were: the competitiveness of the plastic surgery sector, differentiation within the business area and conveying trust to its target audience.


Project phases



The Dr. Rúben Malcata Nogueira brand has acquired a complete and cohesive visual identity for his image as a plastic surgeon.
Through the logo, business cards, file covers and website, the brand gained professionalism, sophistication and credibility.
The new visual identity has helped to strengthen its online presence, attracting new patients and reinforcing its reputation as a plastic surgeon of excellence.

Dr. Rúben Malcata Nogueira logo