Our history, mission, values and team

Our history

From the cientific name Pelecanus and belonging to the Pelecanidae family, pelicans are present in all continents with the exception of Antartica and arrive to Lisbon bay willing to boost the digital presence of companies.

With a team that has more than 10 years of accumuated experience in several digital marketing and performance sectors one of the main goals of Pelican Bay translates into a golden rule amoung pelicans: “work together to reach bigger goals with our clients”.

Pelican Bay mission

We want to help companies to reach their goals in the digital world on a pragmatic way showing that a good communicational strategy or campaign can be much more than a simple “like” or “share”. 

Pelican Bay values

What drive us and the ones we make an effort to always keep loyal; hard work; compromise, responsability and transparency to the client. We are, just like the pelicans, capable of high flights to reach the desired results.

Meet the team

Tiago Ferreira

Managing Partner

Liliana Esteves

UX/UI Designer


André Guerra

Account Manager


Henrique Araújo

Junior Account Manager


Sara Brito

Account Manager


Bárbara Ferreira

Account Manager